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A creative and driven teenager is desperate to escape his hometown and the haunting memories of his turbulent childhood.


**Influential of surroundings on one's character development.** It was a bit surprise film, because I did not get the film plot in the beginning. I did not know it was about gay. Well, it was not entirely on that theme, but comes there after so many turns in the tale. So this is a coming-of-age and to discover sexuality theme. Also very neatly points out how a person develops his character by the influence of his surroundings. Even if it all begins with a small mistake or playful thing, in that small age, it all looks very serious, especially a character like in this film. Despite it was a cinematic, that might be true in real life. The parents as well influence their kids to grow up in a better path. So parenting fail too was highlighted in here. It was unfortunate how the father character was turned out at the end. That is the moment I could not decide whom I'm rooting for. It was like, seemed nobody's fault, but out of the guilt and frustration, emotion bursts out and things happen which is what this film focused on. Good performances, a well shot film. One of the nice LGBT films I've seen. Only on the reality side, it worked, but not as an inspiration. Though one can consider it an awareness film. I feel it should be watched, but not as a must see. Because of so many issues it centres, like a boy growing up facing them, what he becomes was revealed in its message. I think it's good for watching once. _6/10_

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