Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire

Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire is a 2010 two-part television miniseries chronicling the life of St. Augustine, the early Christian theologian, writer and Bishop of Hippo Regius at the time of the Vandal invasion. This series was directed by Christian Duguay and was shot on location in Tunisia. In the United States, the film is distributed under the title Restless Heart: The Confessions of Saint Augustine.

Zlatna levica, priča o Radivoju Koraću

Zlatna levica, priča o Radivoju Koraću is a 2011 Serbian biopic and documentary film directed by Gordan Matić. It tells the story of Radivoj Korać, a famous Serbian basketball player. The film premiered in August 2011 in Kaunas during EuroBasket 2011 ahead of the tournament's knockout stage where it was screened for members of FIBA Europe, journalists covering the tournament, and representatives of the national teams that made the quarterfinals. In December 2011 it was shown at the film festival in Palermo. It premiered in Serbia on 16 February 2012. After its theatrical life, it is set to be broadcast as three-episode television mini-series during fall 2012.

Unriddle 2

Unriddle 2 is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 5 March 2012. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was be screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. In Malaysia, it will be broadcast on the ntv7 primetime drama slot at 10:00pm around May. It is a sequel to Unriddle, one of the first sequels in Mediacorp dramas in nearly 10 years. The sequel is also noted for its much darker tone as compared to the first series.

Amas de Casa Desesperadas

Amas de Casa Desesperadas is one of the Latin-tailored versions of Desperate Housewives, the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning American television comedy-drama series created by Marc Cherry. It debuted on 21 May 2007 on Teleamazonas and on 1 October 2007 on RCN TV.

Con Passionate

Con Passionate is a Welsh-language television drama series, written by Siwan Jones and directed by Rhys Powys for S4C. The first two series were Teledu Apollo productions.


Spirits was a popular television program that was released by ABS-CBN in early 2005. It is about eight kids who find out one day that they had special gifts. They received their powers when a supernatural epidemic hit their hometown. The kids' names are Red, Gabby, Lloyd, Liz, Nato, Thor, Jesse, and Maya.

Inženýrská odysea

Inženýrská odysea is a Czechoslovak/Czech TV series about three young students and their lives.


Glenroe was a television drama series broadcast on RTÉ One in Ireland between September 1983 and May 2001. A spin-off from Bracken — a short-lived RTÉ drama itself spun off from The Riordans — Glenroe was broadcast, generally from September to May, each Sunday night at 8:30 p m. Created, and written for much of its run, by Wesley Burrowes, Glenroe was the first show to be subtitled by RTÉ, with a broadcast in 1991 starting the station's subtitling policy. Glenroe centred on the lives of the people living in the fictional rural village of the same name in County Wicklow. The real-life village of Kilcoole was used to film the series. The main protagonists were the Byrne and McDermott/Moran families, related by the marriage of Miley Byrne to Biddy McDermott. Other important characters included Teasy McDaid, the proprietor of the local pub; Tim Devereux and George Black; Fidelma Kelly, a cousin of Biddy; Blackie Connors; George Manning; Stephen Brennan; and various others. RTÉ axed Glenroe in 2001.

The Odd Man

The Odd Man was the first of a trilogy of police series produced in the 1960s by Granada TV, linked by the presence of pompous but increasingly genial police Chief Inspector Charles Rose. It originally dealt with the investigations of theatrical-agent-cum-detective Steve Gardiner, and his encounters with the police in the form of Chief Inspector Gordon and DS Swift. By the second season, Gordon had been replaced by Rose. The characters of Rose and Swift were then given their own series, It's Dark Outside, which ran for two seasons, with Barron being replaced in the second series by Anthony Ainley as DS Hunter. The third and final series in the trilogy, Mr Rose, saw Rose in retirement in Eastbourne, attempting to write his memoirs, but instead being drawn into private detection. The theme tune for this series was by John Snow, and issued on a single as a cover version by Roy Budd and the Tony Hatch Orchestra on the Pye Records label in 1967. A separate cover version was recorded on the album "Time For TV" by Brian Fahey and his Orchestra, on the Studio 2 Stereo label. John Snow's original recording was recorded by the De Wolfe mood music library, and is not commercially available.

Saan Darating Ang Umaga?

Saan Darating Ang Umaga? or Morning Awaits is an award-winning Philippine suspense drama series aired on GMA Network. This is the eleventh installment of Sine Novela. The original movie was released in 1983. From March 5, 2012 until June 20, 2012 GMA Life TV aired its English-dubbed version worldwide.

Rahe Bipayan

Rahe Bipayan, is a 2007 television series broadcast by the IRIB network. The Director, producer and script-writer are Homayoun As'adian, Mostafa Azizi, and Ali Reza Bazrafshan. The show is very popular with television viewers in Iran and a notable point of Rahe Bipayan is the performance of Farhad Aslani as Akbar Abolhassani.

Izu no odoriko

Izu no odoriko is a drama that first aired on TV Tokyo in two parts on June 14, 1993 and June 21, 1993.


Volta was a Filipino television series on ABS-CBN, which broadcast from January 2008 to March 2008. The said series is a serialization of a 2004 film of the same title produced by Star Cinema. It was a regional semi-finalist for the 2008 International Emmy Awards under the Comedy Program category.

Magdusa Ka

Magdusa Ka or Misery is a Filipino drama series created by Pablo S. Gomez, developed by Aloy Adlawan and produced by GMA Network, as the eight production of Sine Novela. It headlined Katrina Halili, Dennis Trillo and Iwa Moto as the lead characters and directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes. It is a television adaptation of a popular 1986 Filipino movie of the same title. The series nominated for the 37th International Emmy Awards for Best Telenovela. The series premiered on May 12, 2008 and concluded on August 29, 2008. From December 3, 2008 until March 23, 2009, it was aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. From February 18, 2013 to June 7, 2013 GMA Life TV airs its English-dubbed version worldwide.

Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw

Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw or My One And Only Love is the first ever cine novela in Philippine television. It was the grandest production GMA Network ever had with budget similar to a film project. Produced by GMA Network, Inc and directed by Joyce Bernal and Lore Reyes. Its story revolves around Lemuel, Mia and Waldo, whose lives and loves are intertwined because of the choices they make due to the ambitions they have set for themselves. In 2006-2007, the series was re-aired internationally on GMA Pinoy TV. From July 13, 2010 until April 18, 2011, it was re-aired on GMA Life TV worldwide.

Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya

Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya is a Hindi television saga that aired on Sony TV based on the story of a girl name Rudra who faces many hurdles by her adoptive family members. The series premiered on April 14, 2008 and is produced by Dheeraj Kumar's production house Creative Eye Limited.