Poyi Maranju Parayathe... 2016

The film tells the story of a household where several murders have happened. The plot picks up from a point many years after the killings, and what happens next.

The Body Vanished 1939

A Scotland Yard inspector and his reporter friend arrive on vacation in a small village and are immediately involved in what is claimed to be a murder but the body has disappeared, leaving it to the inspector to find the body, determine the motive and find the killer.

Budugu 2015

Vamsi Krishna suffers from ADHD and therefore suffers miserably at school life. Due to his lack of performance in class and deviltry issues, he is constantly nagged by his parents. His studding mother Pooja spends time over his betterment but couldn’t comply with the difficulties of coping with a ADHD child since she has no clue what Bunny aka. Vamsi was going through. One fine day, parents decide to send him to boarding, thinking this to be the only viable option available for his improvement. And that’s where Bunny starts getting abnormal and starts getting connected to Diya. Who is Diya? Why did Parents consult a Psychiatrist Geetha? What happens next forms the rest of the story line.

Friends Games 2017

When Yuichi Katakiri was a child, his mother taught him that friends are more important than money. Now, as a high school student, Yuichi prioritizes friends over money. One day, Yuichi and his friends become involved in the "Friends Games" which carries large amounts of money.

At the Sign of the Jack'O Lantern 1922

When Harlan Carr inherited his Uncle Ebenezer's "Jack-O Lantern" house and too his bride there to live, he found himself the unwilling host of a score of hungry relatives within a week. Soon, strange things began to happen. A black cat made the house his headquarters, unexplained sounds could be heard and a shadowy figure floated through the halls at night.

Kuleana 2017

A Vietnam vet suspected of murder in '71 Maui must rediscover the Hawaiian warrior within to protect his family, defend their land, and clear his father's name.

The Locked Room Murders SP 2014

Erika Toda joins a law firm headed by Serizawa-san, on the first case she meets Enomoto Kei of Tokyo total security who unlocks Serizawa who has accidentally been trapped in a vault. Form thereon the trio solve 10 cases related to the locked room. Enomoto always makes a small scale model and thinks technically in terms of security and locks to solve cases, while Serizawa assists by hinting some circumstantial evidences. Serizawa is always ready to take credit of new found fame.

Osamu Tezuka's Last Mystery of the 20th Century 2000

Tezuka Osamu who going to a 21 Century new year's party with all the charters he made. One thing leads to another and he ends up missing! It's up to his most popular charters to find out what happened to him and get him back safely before the rest of the guest show up

Fine, with Occasional Murders 1984

Kanako returns from the USA to a troubled mother who witnessed a man leaving a murder scene and is consequently under persistent threat. For the time being.

One 2009

The fear and shutting off the reality, a state of a dream, although beautiful as it seems, can not exist forever. Because the man knows that one day, he will have to awake from the dream and confront the fear.

Thanthram 1988

A wealthy businessman James (Ratheesh) gets killed in a dubious car accident, leaving behind his grieving wife Sussanna (Urvashi) and a young son. Sussanna is an orphan and James was estranged from his family when he was alive. However after his death, James' father Kurien (Jagannatha Varma) feigns friendship with Sussanna and tries to trick her into giving control of James' businesses to him. When Sussanna refuses, the family files a lawsuit questioning the legality of her marriage to James. Helpless and isolated, she approaches George Korah (Mammotty), a struggling lawyer to fight her case.

Break of Day 2017

A young woman meets a man in a seedy hotel for a mysterious assignation in this unsettling narrative.