The Pervert 1975

Police use a beautiful woman as bait for a maniacal killer of women, whose impotence was caused by a depraved female SS officer.

Sukeban Mafia 1980

A pinku eiga set around high school girls. After the opening requisite showdown between female leader onichan and one of the toughs from the local gang we witness one of the more brutal punishments youll see in anything pink. The sukeban mafia, the name the girl gang has chosen, not proper yakuza, invite Onichan and Miki to join them. First stop, working their prostitution ring, Miki is captivated by the power of the gang and ready to please, but Onichan isn't impressed. Of course the sukeban mafia will not tolerate nothing less than complete devotion and the trouble begins ....

The Man Who Didn't Want to Die 1988

A young man lies in a hospital suspended between life and death. The police know nothing about him. The patient, in his rare moments of consciousness, only remembers his gang’s involvement in a robbery of a rare painting, and the mysterious Madame Jacno who commissioned Fabrizio, the gang leader, to steal the work of art. But someone is still trying to kill the patient, and as his life is continually threatened, his memory slowly comes back to him…!

Tragedy, Rock Style 1988

Vitya is a teenage rock-music and motorbike fanatic whose father is arrested for embezzlement. Vitya is devastated, and in this state of shock he falls prey to a supposed mystic called Cassius.

Guru das Sete Cidades 1972

An unhappily married woman becomes the mistress to a sleaze-ball who introduces her to a group of satanists who are willing to kill her rich husband.

Dr. Karn 1973

A young and idealistic doctor is sent to a remote province in Thailand, where he finds that the residents lack access to public services, the district officer runs an illegal gambling house, and the officials are all corrupt.

Manhunt for Murder 1971

A French waiter living in New York City witnesses a murder and must go on the run from the police and the mob.

Secret of My Millionaire Sister 1971

Choo died in South America and left a legacy of US Dollars two million to the younger daughter, Pei Fun (Wydiawati), of his old friend Chang in Hongkong. The second beneficiary in the will, should Pei Fun die, was Nana (Meng Li), the young widow. Nana returned to Hongkong and conspired with her lover Johnny (Pai Ying) to wrest the fortune from the Chang family...

Crime Killer 1985

Zeus is all business. A no-frills hard-nosed CIA agent under normal circumstances... a furious, unrelenting crime killer when rubbed the wrong way. Forced into an early retirement for a bit of overly - destructive police work, Zeus must sit by and watch as a crime syndicate wages war against drug enforcement agents and makes a laughing stock of the intelligence community. Only one man can turn the tables in this unholy war. The FBI enlists Zeus as an undercover agent. Only this time, he is given free rein to use any and all methods at his disposal. Like a man possessed, Zeus throws his entire arsenal of wit, weaponry and vengeance into his job.

There Are No Strangers Here 1985

Young police lieutenant Kozrev investigates robbery from fish kolhoz. Suspect is criminal Chuma who hiding himself in the forest.

The Connection 1973

An out-of-work newspaperman in need of money becomes the go-between for a jewel thief and an insurance company that wants to settle.

The Unmatchable Match 1990

Chow is an undercover cop who must befriend former triad kingpin Chan Wai-Man to investigate a brutal diamond heist. It turns out that Chan is innocent of the theft, but not of the fencing of the stolen goods

Manidhan Marivittan 1989

A naive man who is new in town gets entrapped in a crisis due to his resemblance with a gangster. The revelation gets shocking when the criminal turns out to be his own twin brother.

Más Allá del Silencio 1985

Fidel, a deaf mugger, sees the possibility of a new life after he start attending to a school for the deaf. However his chances are getting shorter as the a police officer is after his trail.