Strange Wedding 1986

The year is 1943. At his last breath, partisan Gani asks his friends to make sure that his daughter Sherka is married on the date set in advance for her wedding. Once the wedding ceremony starts, they find out that the bridegroom is a collaborator of the invaders. Sherka decides to cancel her wedding and joins her father s friends in their struggle for the liberation of the country.

Compañero de Viaje 1979

A tale of hate in a town in the Venezuelan Andes where the conflicts and passions of those who live enclosed in the mountains make violence an inevitable destiny.

Christophoros 1985

Two men who have been fighting on enemy sides in WWII, find themselves as neighbors many years later in peace. A woman whose husband was killed under shady circumstances back then, tries to calm the passions of these old people, last residents in their village.

The King of Finland

When a minor German prince becomes an unlikely king candidate, the assignment to teach him the language of his future subjects seems purely formal at first. But as the offbeat candidate is elected king, the pupil and his tutor find themselves in the midst of ugly political intrigue. Ultimately, both of them have to give up their life dreams in order to save a nation from ruin.

Founding Brothers

The "self evident" truths were intensely debated in America's first years. Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Burr struggled to transform their desperate visions into an enduring government. Based on Joseph Ellis's Pulittzed Prize winning book, Founding Brothers examines six moments when the collision and collusions of these towering figures left an indelible imprint on the nation: the secret dinner that determined the site of the capital and America's financial future; Benjamin Franklin's call for an end to slavery; George Washington's farewell address to the nation; John Adams's term as president; Hamilton and Burr's famous and fatal duel; and the final reconciliation between Adams and Jefferson. Drawing on the words of the founders and incisive commentary from leading scholars, Founding Brothers is an elegant and engaging portrait of America's origins in personal conflict and compromise.

Histoire du caporal 1984

A quiet French peasant has spent three years as a corporal on the front lines in World War I, and one day he cannot take it anymore and goes AWOL, escaping into the Alps in the southeast of France. He first takes leave of his wife before heading into the mountains and manages to survive in the breathtaking, vast landscape while using all the knowledge and wiles under his command. Even though the area around him is fairly isolated, another deserter arrives on the scene -- but he cannot take the solitude and leaves. As the peasant diligently works at his own survival, the police from the region know he is hiding out somewhere within their jurisdiction, and so his future is anything but secure. This subdued, pacifist film strives for distance rather than emotional involvement, so as to present a pacifist cause as reasonably as possible, but as a consequence, the routine of the deserter's existence verges on a grinding boredom.