Zombie Nightmare 1993

A mad scientist! Four beautiful women! A sex-starved zombie! Lethal experiments! All this and more add up to Zombie Nightmare where helpless victims die, not once, but twice! In his desperate attempt to revive his cancer ridden wife from suspended animation, a deranged scientist abducts four innocent women and subjects them to lethal experiments! Will his wife live again at the expense of the other women?

The Slaughter 1971

A famous movie star filming on location in Buenos Aires becomes involved with a Manson-like cult. Years after this flopped at the box office, it was purchased by Michael Findlay and became the backbone for the notorious film Snuff (1975).

Room 511

When two men go on a road trip and stay at a room known for wild parties, they encounter two beautiful women and find everything is not what it seems. Every attempt to leave seems stalled and they find the day may never end.

Seventh Moon 1990

Taiwanese horror film. A ghost walking along the roadside trails a movie star home and causes various problems for her both on and off set.

A Life Full of Evils 1983

A man just out of jail seduces a lonely woman with more money than sense. He swindles her out of both, then kills her. Very quickly, hes hitched up with another woman and a businessman friend.

Widow Ghost 5 1994

After being attacked by a rapist and getting stabbed before killing her attacker, a young woman is accused of being a ghost.

Wizard Hunts Ogre 1992

The disciple of a Chinese master attempts to use what he learned defeat an evil Chinese master after he plots to use his girlfriend's virginal blood to resurrect a demon. With a low budget not affording much in the way of special effects or art direction (it takes place almost entirely outdoors), a cast of no-name actors and a soundtrack filled with stolen popular music from other countries, this 'B' flick is considered low grade in its country of origin.

Phaya Kapi 1993

An evil man wants to force a Thai lady to be his wife but he doesn't realize she has a deadly snake protector.

The Magnificent Dead

The Magnificent Dead takes place in the 1870's in the small Texas town of Rosewood where local rancher Jared Hamilton and his men have declared war on the town, using fear and death to prevent a new railroad line from coming through. Guided by a priest, Father Julian the desperate town leaders decide to hire a group of six gunmen to help clean up the town. These gunmen are legendary, as they are afflicted with Leprosy and fight with reckless abandon and ruthlessness, for they have nothing to lose.

School Super Girl Team 1991

Three girls, who have psychic powers, found a justice supporting group called the “Gakuen Choujotai” (Academy Super Girl Team). Psychokinesist Yumi, telepathist O-Kei, and Mai, who has superhuman strength. However, they are still inexperienced in using these powers. Meanwhile, a suspicious organization, the “Psychic Power Research Society” secretly works on a method to control the students` minds. The time has come for the Academy Super Girl Team.

Ghost Hospital

A horror comedy about a young doctor taking a new post, only to learn that the patients who passed away there may not have left after all. This place frequented by ghosts, as if they were just like living people, is Ghost Hospital.


Graduate students, Keira and Russ are on a road trip to Omaha in celebration of their one year anniversary when they need to stop at a local farmhouse for some help. After witnessing a brutal murder they are chased through the farming township of Endor.