Lowo Ijo 1987

From Cinehound user Kothar: "Two Girls, Mayang and Sekarsari, are trained by an old master. One day her teacher told them that they were adopted by him. 'Your real parents were killed years ago as Gobang also known as Lowo Ijo, was attacked with his men their village and almost all the inhabitants were murdered.' Mayang and Sekarsari want to find Gobang and take revenge for the death of their parents. They receive from their teacher special swords. He also warns Mayang her sword must not fall into the hands of another person. If it is violated by their own sword, she would immediately paralyzed."

Bees Saal Baad 1988

An evil spirit plots to possess a young, newly-married woman by driving nails into her legs.

The Man in the Mask

Father loses his loved ones and is locked away for crimes he didn't commit. With time running out, he has to escape, clear his name and get his family back.

One More Step 1988

Horror anthology with three stories all taking place in the same apartment building. The first involves a pair of newlyweds who attempt to hide the corpse of a plumber after accidentally killing him. The second tale features two guys throwing a party who meet two beautiful women who aren't what they seem. Finally, an actor has a desire to drink human blood.

The Streets Run Red

An aging detective and his hotheaded partner tirelessly pursue a serial killer who is right under their nose in this gruesome, deplorable, disgusting new feature film from Ungovernable Films! Ungovernable Films has set out this time to raise the bar on gore, obscenity, offensiveness, and nauseating FX in this feature film about a serial killer pursued by two dedicated cops. When the killer falls right into their laps without them realizing it, fact and fiction begin to blur for the three men whose senses of identity seem less and less certain.

Wild Things 1982

In total solitude, surrounded by a rugged landscape and inaccecibles cliffs, lies the mansion Vanbeck. One day, Vanbeck decide to hire a governess, Emmanuelle. This, from the beginning, note a rare family atmosphere and sometimes, it is impossible to sleep believing feel footsteps at night, in the old part of the house where the room of Ms. located. Vanbeck, which it is very ill and never leaves the room.

Hum Se Na Takrana 1990

Young, orphaned and homeless Amar rescues young Vijay and gets adopted by his single mother, Ganga. Both children grow up in Sharifpur, a town that is oppressed by Thakur and his goons, with Amar making a lot of sacrifices so that Vijay gets a good education. He even gives up his love for Sundari after he finds out that Vijay loves her. After Vijay completes his education he becomes a police inspector, returns home not to make life easier for Amar but to arrest him - not only for theft - but also for murder.

Bruin Lake Aka Hell Michigan

Our story takes place in Hell, Michigan which is actually a real town that exists in the backwoods of Michigan. A Midwestern town scientist has purposely opened a gateway to the Underworld in order to experiment on demons using pseudo-science, Biblical doctrine and six campers in the woods of Hell, Michigan. We soon discover that there is a virus spreading throughout the town that's breeding a type of werewolf creature no one has ever seen before along with supernatural forces that's about to ruin their fun filled weekend.

Nightmare Honeymoon 1974

Sadistic low-budget thriller about newlyweds Dack Rambo and Rebecca Danna Smith who are pursued and terrorized by a pair of rural killer rapists.

Carpathian Eagle 1980

Murder victims are being found with the hearts cut out. A female police detective is assigned to find and stop the killer.

Simonland 1984

In the unsettling, absurdist SIMONLAND, a grotesque, televangelist-style demagogue leads his studio audience and isolated viewers through a psychotic game of Simon Says with twisted results.

Maid's Room 1987

Kwang-yeol is placed in the mental hospital for no reason as soon as he comes back to Korea after studying abroad. He manages to escape from the hospital and the continuing mysterious incidents puts him in the train headed to Yeosu. On the train, Kwang-yeol comes across the detective Yu who shows him the picture of his twin brother Bong-yeol on the newspaper. He attends the Bong-yeol's funeral service and goes into Bong-yeol's house to run into Sul-hi, Bong-yeol's wife. Mystery is solved and Hye-young, the committer of all evil deed, commits suicide.