Heaven and Hell 1989

A cruel, shameless man who defrauds money, kills his own wife and is sentenced to death seems to come back to haunt his troubled daughter.

Terror 1981

Dr. Vishal, a mad scientist, turns into a bloodthirsty monster at night as result of an experiment that goes wrong when his wife injects him with a fatal chemical…

27 horas con la muerte 1982

A man risks experimenting with a cataleptic effects pill that seeks faking his death and then returned from the grave to take its own life insurance. But something happens and things do not go as he planned.

The Snake Girl 1974

Big Madam poisons her husband and throws her adopted sister into a snake pit where she has sex with the snakes and gives birth to the beautiful Snake Girl. When her son falls in love with Snake Girl, Big Madam tries to kill her.

A Força dos Sentidos 1980

A writer moves to an isolated beach house to write a new book, and gradually gets involved with his odd new neighbors.

King of Snake 1984

A research lab has developed "The Formula", a box that allows living organic material to grow hundreds of times its original size. Criminals invade the lab to steal it, but it's thrown off the side of the road. There it's found by a girl who decides it will be the perfect home for Mosler, the snake she has adopted. Mosler immediately outgrows the box, springing to the ground like a pile of novelty dog poo. Gang members see the girl and her huge snake frolicking outside and put two and two together. Mosler thwarts their first attempt to snatch her, but when they do succeed he goes on a rampage trying to find his friend

Kingdom of Sin

When two couples decide to swap their partners in a swinger's club, they uncover horrors about their other half they had never known.

Satan's Seed 1977

A blood-curdling motion picture about witchcraft, Satan's disciples, witches and warlocks to steal a beautiful maiden's soul.

Devil of Love 1994

Yung has supernatural powers, which allow him to kill and rape young women, then turn them into vampires. His lover is Ngai, who has just killed her old husband. Husband's will is read by Lawyer Barsuk, and it states that his adult children, Lau Kwan and Lau Yee Tai, will get his money unless they die, in which case it goes to his lovely young wife, Ngai. Ngai kills Lau, but Lau's ghost confers with his father, and they plan revenge, with the unwilling help of Lawyer Barsuk. Filmed in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Hackers 1988

Pa Hacker and his two mentally deranged sons travel around a rural lakeshore community doing home repairs and odd jobs. They have a special way of handling dissatisfied customers and don't worry about repeat business. A lovely girl is offered a weeks stay at a country estate while the family is on a trip. When the Hackers arrive on the scene to do some repair work, a terrifying chain of events take place with a shocking ending.

Killer Instinct 1992

An up and coming lawyer gets turned over for a case he'd been working on for a long while. The D.A.'s niece then decides to help the young lawyer by first blackmailing, then eventually plotting the murder of the D.A., all the while seducing the young attorney. It then becomes the attorney job to cover up the murder he believes he committed, while finding out the truth about the D.A.'s "niece".

Dracula, a Love Story 1980

Count Dracula, taking on the new identity of Vladimir, leaves Transylvania and goes to Brazil in search of his son Rafael. This vampire romance was conceived to be a potential telenovela, but only ended up running as a TV miniseries with four installments because the network that financed it went under.

Magic Amethyst 1990

Here's a fast paced action/comedy about a young couple who inadvertently are target of a blood cult from india when a dying hindu priest entrusts them with a sacred statue.