The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor

Learn about the body's most important line of defense- the immune system. This film reviews the immune system's various components, showing how they defend the body against invading bacteria and viruses, and also explains what happens when the immune system is not functioning properly. Important factors contributing to the maintenance of a healthy immune system are also discussed. Animation shows how the body stays well, fights disease and heals injuries. Sometimes antibiotics or immunization are needed. Also explains AIDS.

The Festival of Claymation 1987

A sampler of the work of Will Vinton's animation using clay figures, including the shorts "Dinosaur," "The Great Cognito," "A Christmas Gift," and "Vanz Kant Danz."

Madballs: Gross Jokes 1987

It begins with a warning. It is said that the episode contains scenes that may offend viewers. It is also said that most viewers may experience nagging backache, rapid heartbeat, post-nasal drip and delerium, swelling of the nose, throat, and abdomen and loss of facial hair. Repeated viewing of the episode will result in the loss of one's bodily functions, redistribution of facial features, and a difficulty in forming simple sentences. The announcer concludes the warning by saying that you should definitely watch this episode if you really want to have a career as a lawn ornament. After the roll call(which curiously excludes Bash Brain), Bash Brain appears and says that he's never seen anything so awful in his life. He then reminisces about some time in a hosptial.

Metamorphic 1991

It is well known that the disposition of the images drawn by Escher are neither for animation nor for pre-animation; actually, quite the opposite. His images appear to be the carrying out of metamorphic dissolves. A bird gives way to the recognition of a house, which turns into fish, which turns into birds, and so on. Not a single flapping of wings takes place; everything is reiterated and fixed, becoming immersed in and re-emerging from a static continuum. All of Escher is an homage to one of the major animating forces of the cinema: the cross-dissolve. Precisely there, I found cinematic attitudes: in the house which turns into fish and in everything that transforms into something else. I gradually managed to figure out various types of non-existent sequences and then finally found myself dissolved, crossing over metamorphically. —P.G.

An Artist 1994

In this short animation, a girl is so carried away by her love of music that she forgets about her household chores. Her father tells her to finish the dishes. Instead of washing them, she turns them into musical instruments, and he finally recognizes her talent. Based on Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, this film illustrates children's right to develop their talents and abilities to their fullest potential.

Girl Detective Club 1986

Our heroine has been kidnapped and her two somewhat ditzy friends decided to save her in a war machine they found in her house. Unfortunately they have little idea of how it works so let the random destruction begin.

Summer With Kuro 1990

Hiroshima, summer of 1945. A young girl named Nobuko saves a starving kitten from crows. She wants to keep the kitten, but her parents dismiss the idea. Nobuko eventually convinces them to let her keep it. She and her brother Makoto name the cat Kuro. Kuro quickly brings joy and laughter to the family. As World War II takes its toll on Japan, it becomes harder for Nobuko and her family to care for Kuro. One August morning, Kuro begins acting strangely...


The residents of a flat building are completely self-absorbed and never look out their window to see a chicken frequently fluttering by. The chicken has a nest on the roof where she hatches her eggs. One day the eggs get stolen.

The Warrior Maiden 1974

One in a series of European folk tales, in the style of a medieval tapestry—with a feminist twist.


A stop motion fairy tale in which an aquatic creature tries to win the heart of a sea-witch.