The Book Keeper 1999

The Book Keeper will murder to protect his books, but his tiny world is turned around when he catches Granny chewing on TS Eliot.

(R)evolution 2001

In a dark and dingy laboratory, sometime in the not too distant future, a scientist toils away attempting to create life.

Why UNESCO? 1958

The cartoon film sets out to justify the existence of UNESCO as an instrument for world peace.

Planet Krulik 2000 2000

Jeff Krulik, the no-frills documentary filmmaker and collector of the offbeat who gave the world Heavy Metal Parking Lot, presents this hilarious collection of short videos and films by himself and others.

The Idea Man 1966

The Idea Man is a three minute short film by Jim Henson which was used for a live performance with Limbo on The Mike Douglas Show on July 20, 1966. The film has featured in various screenings of vintage Henson material without the Limbo performance superimposed over the images.

Bio and Bones 1985

An educational children’s animation by Sheila Graber about the workings of the human body. The film features a one celled character called Bio as he guides the viewer on the structure of the skeleton.

Dog-Gone 1926

Bonzo the pup has adventures at the zoo with a zebra, tiger, elephant, and pelican. The pup is mistaken by the keeper for a "striped bonzosaurus."

Tropic Island Hum 1997

After he's nearly shot at by hunters, Wirral the Squirrel is rescued by balloon-riding Froggo and both fly to a tropical island, where other rescued animals take refuge.