Illusion of Bias 2009

When a girl was ten-years-old she developed a brain tumor. Doctors were able to remove it, but at the expense of the perception of her own face. She can see, just not herself. One night she has a dream where she's offered a chance to finally see herself...

11 Paper Place 2014

A love story about two sheets of paper that magically transform into paper people as they are spit out of a malfunctioning printer into a recycling bin

Googolplex 1972

Extended editing techniques based on Land’s experiments affect the viewer’s sensory perceptions.

Calculated Movements 1985

Cuba programmed solid areas and volumes instead of the vector dots of the previous two films. It also in four "colors": black, white, light grey and dark grey. In five episodes, he alternates single events involving ribbon-like figures following intricate trajectories, with more complex episodes consisting of up to 40 individual events that appear and disappear at irregular intervals. Electronic sound scores accompany.

Cas'l 2011

CAS'L' is a 45-minute stop-motion clay animated film by Bruce Bickford.

Vicious Cycles 1967

A wild, freewheeling spoof on motorcycle gangs in which tough-looking cyclists, who roam the highways on invisible bikes leaving visible tire tracks, pick up a girl hitchhiker encounter another gang.

The Hobo Hero 1935

Piccolo Pete saves a dog from an oncoming train and is taken home by Tillie Twitch in this rotoscoped cartoon from the 1930s.

Monkeydoodle 1931

Simon the Monk(ey) terrorizes a weird-looking dog, which plays the part of his slave - takes any order from the “master” and gets beaten from time to time. They run through the jungle, meet a monkey-jazz-band, then escape from a tiger and nothing really happens...

Bird Food 2012

A man plans to eat his lunch in the park, but the local pigeons have other ideas.

Impersonation 2013

A boy meets a girl, a girl meets a boy. Or is it something completely different?

Whodunnit?? 2014

The contestants are also the suspects in the game show "Whodunnit??". In this week's show, we have to find out who killed the family dog Buttercup before the murderer strikes again.

A Ride Towards the Sea 2014

A Ride Towards the Sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But the cadence of his own will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city which he will cross could be violent to him.

Marty the Monk 1931

Marty the Monk(ey) takes a trip the Parade Grounds where he performs a duet with his girlfriend Millie.

Tommy and the Atom 1950

The story of a small boy who is a magician's helper. The magician is wicked. But Tommy learns his secrets and prevents him from conquering the world. Consists of animation and live-action photography