Why is the Sea Water Salty? 1935

When a poor, yet honest, man rescues an old man who has fallen off a log bridge, the little people of the forest give him a "Mortar of Treasures" that will grant any item that a person desires. The man uses the mortar to become the richest person in the village. But the man's greedy brother steals the mortar and, determined to enjoy all the luxuries by himself, climbs into a rowing boat and heads for an isolated island. On the way, however, he asks for salt from the mortar, but then cannot figure out how to stop it. Finally, the boat sinks under the weight of all the salt, and the mortar sinks to the bottom of the sea where it is pouring out salt to this day.

Blue's Big Musical Movie: Blue's Clues 2000

Get ready for lots of musical fun in this first full-length movie based on the popular Nick Jr. TV series for preschoolers. Just as friendly cartoon pup Blue and her friends are ready for their big backyard music show, Tickety loses her voice ... which means Blue needs a new singing partner! Where will she find one?

Rickety Gin 1927

Oswald plays a cop who woos a nurse who wanders into the park. Pete then gets Oswald drunk and woos the nurse wearing Oswald's stolen uniform.

Ride 'Em Plow Boy 1928

In a foreshadowing of what was to become a staple of the Mickey shorts, Oswald manages his farm along to a musical beat.

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike 1920

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike (1920) Production Company: Bud Fisher Films Corporation, distributed by the Fox Film Corporation. Director/Writer: Charles Bowers (?). Transfer Note: Digital file made from a 35mm negative. Running Time: 7 minutes (silent, no music). This film episode continues the tradition by working into the storyline parallels to the 1919 Actors Equity Association strike, which spread to eight cities before the actors won a settlement.

Fairyland Follies 1931

In the country of the Mother Goose tales, the students in the classes are very unruly, but always finish their lessons with music.

Merry Mutineers 1936

Two little boys "battle" their toy pirate ships in a pool. The crews of both sea vessels are made of caricatures of such 30's era stars as Charles Laughton (as Captain Bligh), the Three Stooges, Wallace Beery, Jimmy Durante, Laurel & Hardy, and the Marx Brothers.

Spooky Kitaro 1968

Kitarō, a ghost, spends his afterlife helping humans in need of his skills. He thwarts the plans of evil spirits who live to torment humanity. A retelling of episodes 5-6 from the 1968 TV anime.