Arson Racket Squad 1938

New York City fireman Bill O'Connell is assigned to the Arson Sqaud with the job of apprehending the for-profit gang of arsonists who are spreading terror and loss of property, including human life.

The Famouse Five: The Musical - Smuggler's Gold 1997

Follow a brand new, musical adventure of Enid Blyton's intrepid Famous Five as they come up against a dastardly spy, bumbling crooks, deserted cottages and secret passages. Central to the plot is the secret formula devised by the hapless Uncle Quentin and a horde of smugglers' gold. Filmed during the nationwide tour of the acclaimed musical.

Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía 1947

Shanti Andía puts together the fragments of a diary written in different times in his life. He tells of his childhood in the Basque village of Lúzaro, his dreamy youth in the lands of Cádiz, his adventures and misadventures as a ship captain, and his fascinatin with his uncle Juan de Aguirre, part of the line of ancient Basque seamen, whose adventurous life is filled with picturesque deeds. Based on the novel by Pío Baroja.

Typhoon Treasure 1938

Alan Richards is the sole survivor of a pearling lugger which has been shipwrecked on Pakema Reef during a typhoon. He sets out to recover some pearls which went missing in the wreck, crossing through the jungle and fighting headhunters.

Heritage 1935

In colonial Australia, James Morrison is a young teamster who has two friends, Long and Short. He is betrothed to Jane Judd when he visits Sydney and meets fiery Irish girl Biddy O'Shea, who is just off the "wife ship" – a boatload of women from an Irish orphanage bought out to Australia. James is attracted to Biddy and promises to marry her. James returns to Bathurst to break the news to Jane, but his mother dies and makes James promise to marry her daughter. He feels obliged to honour his old commitment to Jane.

The Pathfinder 1987

Wild West adventures in this action movie based on famous "The Pathfinder" novel by James Fenimore Cooper.

Get Going 1943

Judy King (Grace McDonald), newly arrived in Washington, applies for a secretary job with a government agency and while being interviewed by Bob Carlton (Robert Paige), an agent with the bureau, jokingly hints she may be a spy. While investigating her, he clears Judy and falls in love with her... and then uncovers a real Nazi spy ring.

Forbidden Jungle 1950

A hunter is hired to take an expedition deep into the African jungle to search for a white boy lost in a plane crash years before, and who has been rumored to be living among the wild animals.

Crimson Wolf 1993

An archaeological expedition finds the mummified bodies of Genghis Khan and his army somewhere in Mongolia. Unaware that the location is cursed, the explorers wake up the former ruler of the Mongolian empire. He warns the intruders that a large calamity will befall the world in one thousand days. The only ones who can prevent this from happening are three persons who bear wolf-shaped arrow scars. They must join forces and kill the "three emperors" so that the Khan's soul can once again sleep for a thousand years.

Bejewelled 1991

An American's family jewels are stolen during her trip to London and she reluctantly teams up with a private investigator-in-training to try and recover them.

The Elimination Pursuit 1983

The plot it involves getting rid of the Devil Clan, a gang of very efficient robbers who have never been caught. The depredations must have gotten more blatant because two constables, played by Pearl Cheung Ling and Tin Hok are both tasked with eliminating them. Pearl Cheung recruits Lam Gwong-Wing who is either the third constable of the title or an informant. Lam is a bit of a goof—he would rather lounge in luxury with beautiful young women peeling grapes for him than go after the Devil Clan—which seems to make a lot of sense—but he reluctantly goes along with her after she threatens him. Lam is literally grabbed away from her by the constable played by Tin Hok for his war for his parallel operation. There is a third figure, neither a constable nor a Devil Clanner. He is Wolf Warrior who simply shows up and kills people—lots of people.

Days Of Storm

Três escaladores brasileiros, Fernando Leal, Eliseu Frechou e Márcio Bruno lutando contra chuva, umidade, aranhas e escorpiões para colocar uma nova linha no Monte da Guiana Roraima.