Lord of the City 1997

Kenny seeks revenge against mafia leader 'Falcone' for his fathers death. Teaming up with a mysterious man named Thomas, together they try to stop the evil Falcone before he takes over the entire underground world to become the 'Lord of the City' Ken & Thomas have just a few problems... they have to rescue Sally, overcome Falcones army of Ninjas, and defeat Falcone, a man who has a pact with the Devil himself!! How do you stop a man that can't be stopped???

Halo: Combat Evolved 2001

Super-soldier John-117, Master Chief of the United Nations Space Command, must battle a genocidal alien race known as the Covenant following his violent crash-landing on Halo, an ancient and mysterious ring-world.

Pals in Paradise 1926

Bill Harvey discovers a lost mine, rich with gold. Geraldine "Jerry" Howard has the claim to it left her by her father. Bill tells her that the death of the claimant, her father, makes a claim void. Infuriated, she goes to John Kenton, a crooked lawyer, for aid. Kenton sees an opportunity for wealth if he marries Geraldine, but Bill tells her that Kenton is only after her money. She gets more infuriated. While Bill and a posse are raiding an immoral cabaret, Kenton raids the Paradise freight depot to steal the money. The depot catches fire and Kenton shoots his henchman to save himself. The town and Geraldine think Kenton is a hero. It is up to Bill to prove otherwise.

River of Adventure 1996

The family are going on a river boating holiday in Turkey. Bill gets a phone call from Sir George. They have to meet. The family suspect their holiday will be canceled.

Sea of Adventure 1996

The family have come to Wellington, New Zealand for a combined holiday and business trip. They are met by Bill's friend, another agent, called Dennis.

Beau Bandit 1930

Scripted by Wallace Smith from his own story published in "Hearst's International Cosmopolitain Magazine,", Mexican-bandit Montero and his deaf-mute sidekick, Coloso, are being pursued through the sand-dunes of southern Arizona by lawman "Bob-Cat" Manners and his posse. Montero has intentions of robbing the bank owned by skinflint Lucius Perkins, but is sidetracked by the attractions of singing-teacher Helen Wardell. He learns that Perkins has marital designs on Helen and holds the mortgage on her ranch. But Helen is in love with Bill Howard. Perkins offers Montero money to kill his rival, but Montero fakes the murder. Prepared for a double-cross of his own double-cross, Montero takes the sheriff's posse prisoners, collects the offered blood-money from Perkins, and then forces Perkins, as the local justice-of-the-peace to perform a wedding ceremony for Helen and Howard.

The Golden Eagle 1964

'Golden Eagle' is crowned wrestling champion at the Aobao Meeting, but subsequent conflicts break out between Glden Eagle and the Lord of Ba-yin. Expelled from the tribe, he meets and falls in love with San-Tan. But their affair arouses the jealousy of her suitor Chaganhu.

Jean-François i el sentit de la vida 2018

A twelve-year-old existentialist kid runs away from home to meet his favorite philosopher, Albert Camus, not knowing he has been dead for fifty years. On his way he finds love and rejection for the first time in his life.