Ingen morgondag 1957

It is in a battlefield in Karelia, Finland during the Continuation war (1941-1944). Intensive shooting between Finnish and Soviet troops takes place. The Soviet occupation is strong, and on the Finnish side it is ordered to withdraw. But Captain Viktor Aaltonen does not listen to the order but wants to shorten a wounded companion's suffering. Aaltonen is taken to the Soviet prison camp, Vorkuta, where he will spend a decade.

Assignment Dragon No. 3 1967

In late 1940 the Japanese were anxious to conclude peace in China and to that end sent Colonel Hidaka to inaugurate negotiations. He was mysteriously assassinated, however, when his car was blown up. The General Staff Headquarters in Japan, sends Lieutenant Shiina, a graduate of the famed Nakano School of Spies inaugurated by Colonel Kusanagi, to investigate the matter. Arriving in Shanghai, he disguises himself as a Chinese coolie and sets out to watch for developments, the only clue being a silver dollar found beside what was left of the victim.

Assignment Cloud 1966

A sequel to the popular "The School of Spies", this film continues the adventures of one of the graduates who is assigned to crack a powerful spy ring working out of Kobe. Various people are suspected but, finally, it seems that an Army captain and his geisha friend might lead them to the ring.

Bomb at 10:10 1967

An American pilot escapes from a POW camp and links up with Yugoslav partisans. He’s about to head back to Allied lines when he learns that the Partisans are plotting to assassinate the camp commander. He joins in the plot, aiming for revenge.

Red Scarf 1964

South Korean Air Force pilots engage in perilous missions against Communist North Koreans during the Korean War.

Polar Bear 1959

A Jewish man who escapes a Nazi transport hides in a Polish ski resort town by posing for photos with tourists dressed as a polar bear.

Salute John Citizen 1942

A typical working family have to cope with living through the Blitz, adapting to its privations, and eventually making the ultimate sacrifice for king & country.

Dubrovnik Twilight 1999

Destinies of few people from Dubrovnik, as well as Croatian fighters against Yugoslav People's Army in the battle of Srdj, mountain behind the town's walls.

The Somme 1927

Reconstruction of several battles which took place on the Somme.

The Third Woman 1997

In the Autumn of 1991 Croatia is fighting for independence and the capital Zagreb is plagued by air raid alerts and blackouts. Hela Martinic is a reporter, who returns to her home town from Australia, called by her old friend Vera Kralj. Soon after arrival, she is told her friend was killed in a traffic accident. At the funeral she meets some people who Vera was involved in some sinister activities and she begins her own investigation.

In the Surroundings 1998

During the Croatian war of independence, five members of the National Guard escape from hostile confinement. While trying to break through the enemy lines, they fight against various paramilitary groups, dying one after another.

In the Surroundings 2 1999

In 1992, a group of Croatian guerrilla fighters go on the occupied territory in the area of Gospic, in order to save imprisoned Croatian soldiers from the Serbian camp. During the action of release and its aftermath, the group encounters a number of obstacles...

Horror in the East: Japan and the Atrocities of World War II 2000

Two-part documentary on Japan at war, examining the Japanese treatment of Allied prisoners of war. Turning Against the West Using Japanese archive footage and interviews with both prisoners and their guards, this film investigates why, having treated their POW's comparatively well during World War I, their attitudes had altered so dramatically by World War II Death Before Surrender Conclusion of a two-part documentary on Japan at war, examining why, when the Second World War turned against Japan, so many Japanese soldiers chose death rather than surrender. Archive footage and interviews with veterans form a comprehensive portrait of a nation in crisis, revealing how Japan's inability to surrender would have terrible consequences for all the countries touched by the war in the East

Honor and Glory 1968

This historical film by Hynek Bočan touches upon the indecisiveness of the Czech nation, ready to bend the backbone in face of foreign rule. Situating the story at the close of the Thirty Year War enabled the depiction of the misery of the people that affects even an impoverished aristocratic milieu. Rudolf Hrušínský appears here in the role of an indecisive knight, persuaded for a long time and in vain to join the anti-Habsburg movement. The story does not only captivate through the depiction of manifold human characters, intrigues and sycophancy, but also through the circumstances ruling over the devastated farmstead, sunk in mud and crudeness. One of the best films with an updating tendency has come into being here, rightly being named along the such greats as Kladivo na čarodějnice (Witches' Hammer).