The Red Guards On Honghu Lake 1961

Revolutionary Chinese opera in six acts depicting the struggle between Communist guerrillas and a KMT landlord for control of a village.

Love Live Hina at the Osaka Bay 2000

On August 6th 2000, the first live concert by the Hinata Girls (the girls from the TV anime series "Love Hina" who live in the Hinata-sou) was given in Osaka. This DVD contains the entire show with performances by the vocal actors. Contains 19 songs, including the character songs by the characters/voice actresses (Yui Horie, Reiko Takagi, et al), a medley, and more. Special bonus footage of the vocal actresses is included.

Rose of the Rancho 1936

It is California in 1852 that only recently being surrendered by Mexico to the United States and admitted into the union. Most of the land-owners of California were the descendants of the Dons who had colonized it a hundred years before and whose title deeds bore the signature and seal of a long-dead Spanish king. But, by a loop-hole in the law, the title-deeds of the Dons could not be recognized, and this opened the door of organized gangs of land-grabbers, such as the one led by Joe Kincaid, to operate with a prime excuse for legitimate plunder and robbery. In most cases the law was unable to cope with the situation. Then Rosita Castro, the daughter of Don Pasqual Castro, masked and disguised as a man, organized a band of vigilantes to fight against the tyranny of the outlaws, aided by an undercover federal agent, Jim Kearney.

Man from Rainbow Valley 1946

When unscrupulous rodeo promoter Colonel Winthrop gets the idea of capturing "Outlaw" and making him a show horse, his niece Kay North tricks Monte into believing she is a writer assigned to do an article on the real horse.

Abbado: The Silence that Follows the Music 1996

Shot over a two-year period observing Abbado: a) Rossini, Overture to 'll Barbiere di Siviglia' b) Schubert, Symphony no. 2 B-Major, D. 125 c) Arnold Schonberg, Kammersinfonie no. 1 E-Major op. 9 (Filmed in Venice, Gran Teatro La Fenice, in February 1995, Chamber Orchestra of Europe). a) Richard Strauss, Elektra (Deborah Polaski, Karita Mattila, Marjana Lipovsek, Ferrucio Furlanetto) b) Beethoven, Symphony no 6 F-Major, op. 68, 'Pastorale' (Filmed in the Festspielhaus Salzburg on the occasion of the Easter Festival, April 1995, Berlin Philharmonic). a) Beethoven, Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 3 C-MINOR, OP. 37 (Maria Joao Pires) b) Bruckner, Symphony no. 9 D-Minor (Filmed in Paris, Cite de la Musique, in August 1995, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra).

Dichterliebe 2002

In Dichterliebe (2000), a film by Oliver Herrmann based on Robert Schumann’s song-cycle of the same name, the boundaries between song recital and reality blur. The chosen setting – a night club in the centre of Berlin – creates the intimate, dark salon atmosphere in which the songs might also have been performed at the time they were written. Returning to origins in this way, the film departs from the concert atmosphere in which song-recitals are normally performed nowadays.

One Night, One Life 2002

In the film One Night. One Life, based on the cycle Pierrot Lunaire, Arnold Schönberg’s opus 21, director Oliver Herrmann has created a surreal, at times grotesque dream world set in a modern city, through which Pierrot (Christine Schäfer) moves like a spirit. In each new number she passes through different scenes and levels of the world around us: such as an abattoir, a peep-show, a station or a supermarket.

México lindo 1938

The film of the thousand dancers, of the enchanting songs, of the sets that are splurge of luxury and beauty.

Mazurka der Liebe 1957

Early 18th-century Krakow: The poor student Simon works as a travelling musician in order to finance his studies, and the Polish freedom fighter Jan is on the run from Saxon troops. They meet in the carriage of Count Kovalska, where they fall in love with the Count’s daughters Laura and Bronislava.

Hemtrevnad i kasern 1941

Eva Cullberg (Annalisa Ericson) wants to sing in a cabaret the local military company are arranging. But her mother (Tollie Zellman) and father (Carl-Gunnar Wingård) won't let her, so she pretends to be the nanny of her sister's child. Along the way she falls in love with Lt. Mandell (Björn Berglund).